The Best Contract Management Software Solutions

Get total control of your contract portfolio with DataNet.

Contracts are important organizational assets, but the more complex the portfolio, the more effort required to maximize their value and minimize potential risk, unless of course you choose DataNet. DataNet contract management solutions provide total visibility, optimum efficiency and maximum value across your entire contract portfolio.

Imagine a way to manage thousands of contracts and greatly reduce your workload with the push of a button. That’s what DataNet’s software for contract management has done for contract managers, accounting specialists, brokers and other executives in telecom, real estate, utilities, energy, transportation and other industries since 1999.

LeaseNet for Real Estate professionals, and ContractNet for contract intensive businesses give your organization the ability to effectively manage your contracted assets, maximizing profit and minimizing risk by tracking critical dates, managing and processing billing and payments, and automating contract workflow, document management, and communication. Maintaining an intricate portfolio is a challenge without the right contract database software. With DataNet’s web based contract and lease management applications, you can go from spending days to pull reports to producing them in minutes, see your workflow, contracts, and assets together, and process payment and billing accurately. Trust DataNet to provide the streamlined contract and lease management software you need to optimize your portfolio.

When your contract portfolio is complex, it’s difficult to deliver detailed communication, accurate reporting, timely billing and payment and absolute compliance. DataNet’s software and services replace the administrative burdens of manual contract management with streamlined, online tools that not only save time, but deliver real, measurable value. What’s more, DataNet works seamlessly with your current financial and database solutions, eliminating operational redundancy and reporting errors.

Upgraded Contract Financials

For complex contract accounting, we've brought together to tools that contract and lease administrators need to automate multiple payment, billing, and booking scenarios for complex contracts like retail leases and rack space including:

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Portfolio Navigator

Large contract portfolios require fast navigation. You can drill to the contract or group of contracts you need quickly and easily with DataNet's Portfolio Navigator.Group and sort contracts and create your own listings and even a map view you can access with a single click.

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ContractNet For Subscription Services

Subscripton software, content, and service providers now have a tool to manage their client contracts without the frequent hassle of of managing critical dates and renewals, pricing changes and escalations, user count and other billing metric entry, and invoice production.

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